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A GROWING Bundle of Fluency-Building Activities

Recently, I shared one of my latest products for fluency-building activities with R-Controlled (or "Bossy R") syllables. If you missed that post, you can see it here. After several requests from teachers who love using these materials, I have now compiled my current fluency-building products into one growing bundle of skill-based fluency activities!

If you aren't sure what a growing bundle is, exactly, this is the way it works: You purchase the bundle at it's current price, and immediately receive the products currently included in the bundle. However, each time I add an additional product to the bundle, you will receive a notification that I have updated the product. Then you can download the additional product at no additional cost, because you have already purchased this product. Isn't that awesome?

So anytime you can get in on the beginning of a growing bundle (like now) it's a great thing! The cost will rise as the bundle grows, but you will never pay additional fees for the new additions once you have made your preliminary purchase!

Now that you understand what a growing bundle is, let me explain what I am including in this one...

Currently, the bundle includes several of my 5-Star rated products that focus on the following phonics skills:

* Consonant Digraphs (ch, sh, th, wh, ph, -ck)

* Words that end with -tch and -dge

* R-Controlled Syllable patterns (ar, er, ir, or, ur)

However, because it is a growing bundle, it will continue to expand to include a variety of skill-based fluency activities that target specific syllable types and/or spelling patterns. The materials are based on the Orton-Gillingham approach for reading instruction and are designed to provide tactile experiences with phonics skills.

Within each product, the following materials are provided that reflect fluency-building exercises with the targeted phonics skill:

* Word cards: Prereading practice for students who need support blending words. Provide a tactile experience by having students tap the touch-points as they read. These words are featured in the passage included.

* Phrase strips: Help students build fluency reading words within phrases. These phrases are featured in the passage included.

* A decodable passage that corresponds to each syllable type/spelling pattern: The student copy may be used for independent student reading. Have students identify words containing the targeted skill within the passage prior to reading.

* Pyramid reading cards: help students build fluency with sentence structure prior to reading. The pyramids may be used independently per student or in a small group setting. They are numbered for convenient organization.

* Teacher copy of the reading passage: use this as a fluency assessment tool to monitor student progress.

I intend to add a lot to this bundle. It seems that so many teachers are looking for really skill-specific activities that help support fluency with individual phonics skills. I have received so much positive feedback (as well as additional requests) for the sequence of activities included in these products. I think being able to offer them as a growing bundle is just one more helpful option for teachers who are teaching a lot of phonics - especially with struggling readers.

I have a sequence of skills that I intend to add to this bundle, but I am always open to requests or suggestions. If there's a specific phonics skill you need, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Otherwise, head on over to the Tally Tales TPT Store and check out the new product: Skill-Based Fluency Activities: A GROWING Bundle!!!!


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