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A Week of Freebies!!!

Who else feels as though we are in a bizarre state of life these days? Our return to school has been halted by precautionary measures against the coronavirus. It seems like we are carrying a day-by-day weight of uncertainty. If you're a planner like me, this is challenging your daily sense of functionality!

I thought that this week, I would reach out to fellow teachers in a fun a way and share some of my own best-selling resources through flash freebies! So this is how it will work...

Each day, I will post one of my best-selling products as a surprise freebie in the TallyTales TPT store! I will share the product link once it's available through both Facebook and Instagram. Of course, it will show up as a daily "new item" on Teachers Pay Teachers, so if you follow the Tally Tales there you will also see the Flash Freebies on your TPT homepage.

I hope you'll visit each day and grab something new for you and your students!

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