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Day Four: Flash Freebies continue!

So, let's move on to day 4! Today's freebie is now available for download! You can access it here in the TallyTales TPT store.

Remember: tomorrow I will have one, final new surprise FREEBIE available from among my best-selling products! Again, I will post the link on the Tally Tales facebook group page when the new freebie is available, as well as on Instagram. You may also visit and subscribe to the TallyTales web site to keep updated on the event.

I only have one request - As you do enjoy these freebies, please take a moment to leave a review of any (or all) products on the Tally Tales facebook group page throughout the week! Since each product will be posted for a limited-time as a flash freebie, you will not be able to leave a review on the original product posting. If you would share your comments on the group page, others will be able to learn from your feedback while you still take home a freebie!

Please join me again tomorrow and enjoy ONE MORE DAY of freebies! :)


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