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*Freebie!* A Phonics Newsletter for Parents!

I know teachers are typically accustomed to sending weekly newsletters home, informing parents of the important news, events, dates, etc. for our classroom. Have you ever thought about sending newsletters to help inform your students' parents about your classroom instruction?

Today I am sharing a free download that you could use to help educate parents about your phonics instruction!

By helping parents, we enable them to better support their children at home. Equip them with helpful literacy information by sending a "Phonics Focus" newsletter home at the beginning of your unit of study!

This newsletter template is intended to be shared with parents/guardians to help them gain a better understanding of CVC words, closed syllables, and short vowel sounds.

One section of this newsletter template is editable; in the section labeled "Practice reading and spelling these words at home!" you can type your own word list for parents to review. This may include spelling words as well as additional words for practice. Simply click on the text box, type your word list, and print!

See how it works in the video below:

Grab it now! Here's the link:


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