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Growing Bundle News (and a tip!)

Have you ever purchased a growing bundle on TPT? For quite a while, I didn't realize what a treasure these products can be - especially if you have TPT sellers you particularly love.

This is how a growing bundle works... When a product is labeled a "GROWING bundle," that means you purchase it at the current price today, but then have free access (no additional charge!) to all future products added to the bundle! This is a great way to save on products from some of your favorite TPT sellers!

When I first began my growing bundle for Skill-Based Fluency Activities, it contained only two products and cost around $10.00. As of today, it contains eight products, and I have plans to add at least three more. That means, at the very least, original purchasers will have access to over 10 of my products for an original price of around $10. SO... my point is, these things are great little bargains that I feel are not shared enough! If you are a "regular" TPT customer, and one of your favorite sellers creates a "growing bundle," it might be a really great investment for you in the long run! Don't overlook those. ;)

Now, for my update... If you have previously purchased my GROWING bundle, Skill-Based Fluency Activities, it now includes my latest product: Building Fluency with Vowel Teams: Hands-on Materials! This was a product specifically requested by a teacher, and it is now one of the largest installment within the bundle so far! If you already own the bundle, go grab your FREE download today! :)

The materials included in this product focus on the following Vowel Teams in one- and two-syllable words:

  • Long I spelled ie

  • Long A spelled ai and ay

  • Long O spelled ow, oa, and oe

  • Long E spelled ee and ea

  • Long E spelled ie and ey

Like my other skill-based, fluency-building materials, this product includes word cards, phrase strips, pyramid-style reading cards, six decodable passages for student reading and progress monitoring passages for teacher use.

I love, love, love using these materials with my own students, and I love seeing other teachers (and students) enjoy growing their readers through these materials as well! Click the images below to learn more!


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