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Syllable Start-Up : Classroom Instruction

If you are teaching reading to our youngest readers, at the foundational level, it is important to make sure they have a clear understanding of syllables. They need to know what a syllable is and to be able to readily recognized it in print. Phonological awareness is a crucial component of this understanding, and I have a resource to support that as well! Read on to learn more...

Here are a couple of resources that are wonderful to use at the beginning of the school year.

This resource contains materials that a great for building a foundational understanding of syllabication -basically, defining and identifying syllables.

This product includes a visual reference poster that defines a syllable. Use this to teach the definition of a syllable, and then keep it displayed in your classroom for continued student reference. Then it includes two games - Syllable? or No Syllable? and You're It! which are engaging activities to reinforce the definition and identification of a syllable. Also included is a Paper Syllable Sort exercise (in 2 formats) that may be used for a center activity, independent practice, OR as assessment pieces (pre- or post- assessments) with this skill!

Once we have established what a syllable is, then we can further apply this concept to think about the patterns in words and the ways more than one syllable can be present within the same word (multi-syllabic words). Students can understand this concept long before they can decode multi-syllabic words!

This product is intended to help students develop phonological awareness with syllables and is designed with a back-to-school theme for pictures and words throughout the product. It features cute-bit-relevant instructional posters that reinforce the definition of a syllable as well as a poster guide for vowel sounds. Again, these posters are great to use during instructional time as supportive materials, or you can put them on display for student reference during independent activities!

Additionally, this product contains three excellent activities for building phonological awareness. The activities are differentiated to meet the needs of students at different stages of development with phonological awareness, so you can easily incorporate these into your small-group instruction as a quick warm-up exercise each day!

Here's a little slide-show preview of some of the materials included. This is an easy print, cut, and go materials pack that you can use each year in those first few weeks of school. Learn more about it here.

I hope these materials will support your instruction about syllables! This understanding is crucial to a student's ability to interpret multisyllabic words and perform syllabication tasks as he/she grows older and faces more complex texts.

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