Tips for Phonics Instruction: Building Reading & Spelling Fluency

Today, I wanted to highlight one of the three products available in the "Phonics Instruction Made Easy" Bundle, currently available for half off in the TallyTales TPT store this week: the "Hands-On Reading and Spelling Materials for Phonics Interventions."

There are so. many. good. items in this product that can help teachers, parents, and interventionists provide appropriate instruction for young or struggling readers. I developed these materials as needed for my own instruction. In this post, I want to share ways these materials can be used. However, these tips are valuable instructional advice for anyone, whether you have this product or not. So read on for a quick overview of phonics instruction guidelines and how these materials support that instruction.

In my opinion, the overarching goal for explicit, phonics instruction is to build reading and spelling fluency with individual phonics skills. Orton Gillingham methodology focuses heavily on systematic phonics instruction that revolves around syllable types as well as the phonics rules associated with each type of syllable. The more fluent students become with each skill, the less they struggle to decode words (especially multisyllabic words). Naturally, this translates into their spelling abilities as well.