Tips for Preschool Learning at Home

So, you are stuck at home with your preschooler, and you have no idea what to do? Or if you REALLY need to do anything at all, because we're talking about preschool, right? Is it that important?

Yes. Absolutely yes.

However... before you push the panic button, pin 1,324 ideas on Pinterest, make an Amazon shopping list that will break the bank, and then sit and cry real tears, overwhelmed by it all before you have even really began working with your child...

Before all that, hang out with me here for a minute. I would like to simplify things for you a bit and show you some ways I am helping support my own preschoolers' learning at home.

This is not an exclusive list of ideas. Indeed, there's far more you can do beyond my tips here. This is just a starting point for your perspective. My hope is that you might finish reading this post and think, "Oh, that's not so bad. I can do that."

There's also a freebie at the end, so that makes things better too, right? :)

So here we go! These are a few tips that I keep in mind when planning (or choosing) learning activities for my preschoolers at home.

(1) Learning must be hands-on!