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Valentine Practice: Hands-on Literacy

Recently I have begun creating seasonal word study products that can be easily integrated into class centers and small-group activities. The most recent product is just in time for you to use in your Valentine-themed activities!

Within this pack, you will find a total of seven activities that that focus on syllable sorts, counting syllables, rhyme practice, and much more! The activities are hands-on, and intended to target foundational literacy skills in phonological awareness, syllabication, and word-building. Use them as center or small group activities, or possibly independent exercises as well. They are easily customizable to fit the ability levels of your students and your prior instruction, particularly your instruction on syllable types.

One of the beneficial aspects of this resource is that, like the word study products before it, it contains activities that will support students' working memory. I wrote extensively about that in an earlier post. If you missed it, you can find it here.

You can find this newly-released packet here.

If interested, check out the other "Working with Words" packets below!


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