Building Fluency with "Bossy R"

Today, I am very excited to share another installment of fluency-building activities that have received so much positive feedback from teachers. I feel convinced that these materials are successfully helping teachers support their students' fluency growth with specific phonics skills. Why are these materials useful??? They specifically address fluency with each level of development: words, phrases, sentences, and a passage/story. Not only this, but these materials are based on the Orton-Gillingham approach for reading instruction and are designed to provide tactile experiences with phonics skills.

This particular collection focuses on a phonics skill that is often troublesome for many of our young readers: R-Controlled Syllables (also known as "Bossy R"). Check out the components within these materials as well as why they're effective for fluency-development...

Word cards: Prereading practice for students who need support blending words with R-Controlled Syllables. Provide a tactile experience by having students tap the touch-points as they read. These words are featured in the passage included.

Phrase strips: Move beyond the word level and help students build fluency reading words with R-Controlled Syllables within phrases. These phrases are featured in the passage included.

Pyramid reading cards: These cards help students build fluency with sentence structure prior to reading. The pyramids may be used independently per student or in a small group setting. They are numbered for convenient organization. In all honesty, my students love these cards. Not only do they build fluency through a repeated-reading exercise, but hey help boost confidence for my struggling readers. My students get so excited when they see me pull these out to use at our small group table!