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Happy New Year! Welcome, 2022.

I don't know how you feel about New Year traditions. I have friends who like to celebrate BIG. We aren't big New Year extremists in my house. I give some thought to resolutions, but it's not a pivotal part of my thought process.

I think it's harder to think in "New Year" terms in January when you're a teacher... our "New Year" begins in August, right? The educator mindset is just different... different daily schedule, different yearly timeline, etc.

Still, 2021 has been a hard one for my family, and I am more than ready to see it go this year. I am anticipating and planning for some big changes in the upcoming year, so it does feel a little different for me this year. There is a twinge of excitement in the air.

I came across the following "teacher" graphic recently, and it seems particularly applicable for a New-Year mindset. Wherever you are in your New Year festivities, I wish you the absolute best in 2022.


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