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Helllooooo Spring Break!

Good morning! I am coming to you from the sheer bliss of SPRING BREAK week this week! Is your school on break this week, or do you have a different schedule? If you aren't already off, surely you are getting close... 🤞 Hang in there!

Spring Break sounds glorious, and I DO love it, but I'm usually just in full-on "Mom-mode" at home for the week. We don't get too wild and crazy. 🤪 This year, though, we actually have some pretty big Spring Break plans, so I am excited for more than just alarm-free mornings! I will try my best to share a Spring Break recap of our week with you soon!

Wherever this week finds you, I hope you have a wonderful week! If you are looking for some teacher-tailored Spring Break inspiration, here are a few posts that may help:


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