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On the Walls & In your Hands: Visual Phonics Reference Posters!

Today I am sharing an easy way to support your instruction and your students' learning! Visual references are essential to supporting retention of literacy skills - particular for students with learning disorders and language-based deficits. If you have purchased any of my phonics materials, you have likely noticed that I always include a "visual reference poster" for display during instruction with that particular skill. I always encourage keeping these visuals available on anchor charts, bulletin boards, or walls throughout the school year so students can consistently revisit them as needed.

Today, I am focusing specifically on those visual aids. I have compiled my visual reference posters for a variety of phonics skills into one complete package!

This resource includes reference posters that correlate to a variety of phonics skills. If you are only interested in the visual aids, this product is for you! Simply print each poster onto standard 8.5 x 11 paper or cardstock, laminate (if desired for durability) and display on a wall, bulletin board, anchor chart, etc.

But this is my favorite part...

Unique to this product is a miniature version of each poster as well! These can be printed, laminated (again, if desired for durability) and attached with a silver binder ring.

This creates a portable version of the entire set of visual reference posters. It's ideal for small-group phonics instruction and on-the-go teachers.

I am thinking, particularly, of interventionists or specialized teachers who may visit different classrooms throughout the day or classroom teachers who may change location to teach particular groups/classes. You need something that is easy to transport, doesn't take up much room, but is still an effective tool to support your instruction!

Reference Posters for the following skills are included throughout this product:

  • Syllable Division Patterns (VC/CV, VC/CVe, V/CV, VC/V, V/V)

  • Syllable Types (Closed, Open, Magic e, Bossy R, Vowel Teams, Diphthongs, Consonant-le)

  • Definition of a Syllable

  • Vowels

  • Rules for spelling with C

  • Rules for spelling with K

  • Hard & Soft sounds of C

  • Hard & Soft sounds of G

  • -tch rule

  • -ck rule

  • Bossy R- mnemonic devices to support memory with /ir/ spelling patterns

  • Vowel Teams, along with mnemonic devices to support memory for the following vowel team spelling patterns: ie, ai, ay, ow, oa, oe, ee, ea, ie, ey

If you are interested, you can check it out here in the TallyTales TPT store!


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