Preschool Learning: Life Cycle of a Butterfly

I absolutely love teaching in the spring. I love studying changes in the weather (because we are all excited to see some sunshine), and the life cycles of plants and animals. It's a wonderful time to incorporate very relevant science concepts into the daily learning for children of all ages. COVID-19 has brought about many changes this year, but thank goodness, it has not kept the flowers from blooming! Spring is still here, to be enjoyed. So I have helped my own children develop a better understanding of life cycles this year with a butterfly garden and several life cycle crafts at home. I wanted to share some of our learning process with you today, including images of our caterpillars as they transformed into beautiful butterflies!

In my opinion, Eric Carle texts are must-haves for literature to support these concepts for young learners. The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Tiny Seed are featured texts in my classroom each spring. You can watch Eric Carle read The Very Hungry Caterpillar aloud online here!

After reading this text, we did a great little hands-on finger paint craft to represent each stage of the life cycle. You can see that process below ...