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Sight Word Stamp Books

This is an easy, hands-on way to reinforce sight word spelling and recognition for your young learners. You can use it as a teaching tool or center activity, and then it can be used laterfor reinforcement as well. In this post, I will outline the process we used to create our stamp books and share several important reasons why this simple process creates a highly effective learning experience with sight words!

The materials and preparation are simple: Create a foldable using construction paper, with a flap cut for each word.

Under the flaps, the child will stamp each letter to spell the word on the flap. We stamped our words twice, just for additional practice. Older children can also use the word in a sentence under the flap as well.

While this seems like a very simple activity, let me share a few benefits young learners gain from following this process:

(1) The flaps mimic the construction of a book, so the use of this tool reinforces foundational print concepts, including the text feature of a front cover and left-to-right progression.

(2) The hands-on experience of "stamping out" these words provides a kinesthetic opportunity to apply and reinforce sight word learning. Multi-sensory learning techniques are highly effective for storing sight words away for long-term memory retention.

(3) This process allows children to create their own versions of learning tools that can be revisited for review. Children are naturally motivated to revisit and learn from their own work, in which they can take pride.

All in all, even though this is an incredibly simple process, it is also highly effective to support student learning!


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