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A New Freebie: Digital Reading Logs for Distance Learning

Is anyone else a little nervous about our return to school in August??? Given the possibilities of what "school" might look like, I am trying to prepare to maintain as much consistency in my instructional procedures as possible. Today, I want to share a product I have created to use in my classroom when we return to school in the fall. I'm also sharing it as a freebie in case you can use it as well!

Typically, I use the Take-Home Read Every Day (R.E.D) Folders as a core component of my reading homework. However, considering the many uncertainties that lie ahead, I feel it is important to prepare for as much distance-learning as possible. I don't want to lose track of my students' independent reading, nor do I want them to feel that they are not held accountable for reading daily. I have created a digital version of my own reading logs that can be used in a Google Classroom (or other learning platform) and allow students to virtually document their daily reading efforts at home.

The process is simple for teachers: Download the Google slideshow, post your own copy into your google classroom, and assign each child his/her own reading log within the file.

Since this is intended to support reading at home, I have included a parents' guide for questioning before, during, and after reading. Not only is this a handy "cheat sheet" for parents, but it's also a great way to ensure that your students are being asked relevant questions about the texts they are reading at home.

Also, since this is a digital file, you don't have to worry about papers being misplaced or lost along the way. Each time students open the Reading Logs to document their daily reading, the questioning guides can be accessed right there, at the beginning of the same file.

Note: These slides are formatted as images within the slideshow, so you do not have to worry about students accidentally erasing text or making any changes! Students can only edit the information on the actual Reading Logs (student name, book information, and dates).

Beyond that, the only thing that remains is for students to use their reading logs! As each each student fills his/her reading log, you can simply clear it out and let them start again. You can always download the slides to save or print a paper copy, should you need the information for documentation purposes.

What do you think? I haven't used this in practice yet, so I would welcome any feedback on what may/may not work well. Again, this is a freebie, so please hop on over to the TallyTales TPT store and grab your own copy here. Let me know what you think - the good, bad, and the ugly! I will gladly revise the presentation as needed to make sure it functions as well as possible!


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