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Did you know? 2024 Book Release!

If you have visited my home page or followed me on Social Media lately, you have already seen this news. However, this may be a first for those of you who are strictly blog subscribers.

This is a bit of a change from the information I typically share here, but it is a project I have anticipated for a lifetime! It's no secret that I have devoted my entire professional career to the field of literacy as a teacher and dyslexia advocate. Personally, though, I also have a passion for writing and creating texts of my own.

At the beginning of this year, I released my debut novel, Safely Kept. This is a clean, gripping, romantic suspense novel with a thread of faith woven throughout the storyline. If you live in the South, you will likely relate to the southern backdrop and cultural context. Basically, I have written the type of book I love to read as well!

If you are a fellow reader and want to check it out, Safely Kept is available in paperback and Kindle formats (free to Kindle Unlimited Subscribers!) on Amazon.

You may also notice an updated Author's Page on the Tally Tales site, where I will continue to update and share pertinent information related to my journey as an author. You can also connect with my author profiles on Amazon and Goodreads!

So to my fellow readers out there, I hope you will give this debut book a chance! I would love to hear back from you if you do so! Happy reading, friends!

Want to know more? Read below to hear what others have had to say about Safely Kept.

"An easy flowing read that pulls you into the lives of the characters effortlessly. I read it in a few days time. Very well written. Highly recommend." ~Amanda Jennings, Amazon Review

"Seems like it will just be a great family book but the twists and turns are contagious. Couldn’t put this book down!" ~LyndiLu, Amazon Review

"I hated for this book to end! A Suspenseful, wholesome, sweet story all wrapped into one! Go read this book! I had to binge read it to see what happens! Some of these characters felt like family. Love the way Biblical wisdom was added here and there. Hope to see a sequel!" ~Cul, Amazon Review

"After starting several books that didn't hold my attention, this one definitely did. This was my bedtime read for the few nights that it took to finish it. This is a wonderful story of family, love, and dealing with the problems that life brings. I enjoyed this book very much and look forward to reading more from this author." ~Cindy Dubberley, GoodReads Review

"Captivating story with a beautiful ending. The characters were relatable and engaging from the beginning! I couldn’t put it down!" ~Deb Taylor, GoodReads Review


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