Specialized Support Services

My primary focus is to provide explicit, structured, multisensory instruction, customized to meet the the specific learning needs of each individual. I use a multisensory approach that aligns with Orton Gillingham methodology. While this is ideal for individuals who have been diagnosed with dyslexia, my services may be beneficial for struggling readers and writers who lack a specific diagnosis. Read below to learn more about the different options I provide.

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Daycare Center

Get Ready to Read!

We can help our youngest learners prepare for reading success by developing phonological awareness skills. These sessions include well-designed, engaging, multisensory activities to help children accurately hear sounds within words. If appropriate, these sessions may include activities to support letter recognition as well.

Build Foundational Reading Skills

These sessions focus heavily on foundational reading and writing skills through engaging, multisensory activities. The phonics instruction is explicit and aligned to a progression of skills. These sessions also include activities to reinforce phonemic awareness skills, as needed.

Learning Pod
Home schooling

Beyond the "Basics"

These sessions are ideal for older readers (6th grade and beyond) who still need a review of foundational reading skills, but would benefit from more sophisticated learning content as well! These sessions include a review of phonics skills, along with instruction in Greek and Latin roots as well. 

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