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Digital Resources for Readers in Your Digital Classroom! (and a SALE!)

Yesterday, I released a brand new product, my first collection of Phonics Based Decodable Reading Passages. Today, I am excited to share the digital version of this product!

The contents of the product are the same as the product in the pdf version: it contains over 40 decodable reading passages - all of which focus on a specific phonics skill. This is SO HELPFUL to me, because far too often I struggle to find materials that are truly decodable and well-aligned to an Orton Gillingham-based phonics sequence. The passages I have written and included here are all original, skill based, and focused on syllable types.

The skills are organized within a table of contents at the beginning of the product for easy reference and instructional use. In the digital file, the passages are formatted into Google Slides. Once you purchase the file, you will gain access to make your own copy. Then, you can paste each passage into your google drive or other site for your digital classroom!

This will ensure that, even digitally, your students will have access to their own copy of passages that you may use in online class sessions or assign for independent practice. From there, the instructional strategies are very much the same; Students may use highlighting tools on their devices or computers to still apply the same prereading strategy.

The self-check passages will be useful for students and parents if you assign the passages for independent reading.

Also, with a digital version, students who need special support could also use speech-to-print technologies to support their reading throughout the passages.

A few teachers requested a digital version of these passages, so I am very happy to be able to accommodate specific classroom needs with this new product!

As one added treat, for the next three days only, both versions of this product will be available at 20% off! So choose the version that would work best for your instruction, and enjoy it at a discounted price from now through Friday March 27th!

Please feel free to reach out to me if there is another TallyTales product you would like to see in a digital format!

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Tyson H
Tyson H
Sep 09, 2021

You're the best

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