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End of School Freebie: Summer Book Bags Materials

If you're wrapping up your school year and looking for a fun way to send your students off into summer, check out my free materials for summer reading book bags...

NOTE: This product does NOT contain free books; only the materials for the preparation of the bags.

I have stressed the importance with my students of taking time to read during the summer (I know, right...) and it's a bit of a long shot to expect them all to read every day. But I thought that if I gave them an opportunity to take some "new" books home, it just might increase the likelihood that they will read some. *Fingers crossed!*

So I surprised them with make-and-take summer book bags as an end-of-the-year gift from me. The prep work is simple, and the materials are all available for free here.

I took some time to give my classroom library a little "facelift." Over time, I had collected duplicates of many books, or I had texts that have been a bit too advanced for some of my students (until now). I pulled any text I could spare, but I thought my students might enjoy reading.

To prepare the book bags, I attached a name tag for each student to gallon-sized ziplock bags. You could use any bag, really, but this was simple, quick, and oh-so-easy (as all things must be in May, right?!?)

Then I simply printed the read-and-color bookmarks onto cardstock. Each student took home a page of bookmarks with suggestions for fun ways to read throughout the summer. The concept is simple: they color in the pictures as they complete each reading activity. They cut the bookmarks out at school before packing them in their book bags.

That's all! Short, sweet, and exciting for students! :)

If you are interested in doing this with your students, grab the free materials here in the TallyTales TPT store.


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