End of School Freebie: Summer Book Bags Materials

If you're wrapping up your school year and looking for a fun way to send your students off into summer, check out my free materials for summer reading book bags...

NOTE: This product does NOT contain free books; only the materials for the preparation of the bags.

I have stressed the importance with my students of taking time to read during the summer (I know, right...) and it's a bit of a long shot to expect them all to read every day. But I thought that if I gave them an opportunity to take some "new" books home, it just might increase the likelihood that they will read some. *Fingers crossed!*

So I surprised them with make-and-take summer book bags as an end-of-the-year gift from me. The prep work is simple, and the materials are all available for free here.

I took some time to give my classroom library a little "facelift." Over time, I had collected duplicates of many books, or I had texts that have been a bit too advanced for some of my students (until now). I pulled any text I could spare, but I thought my students might enjoy reading.

To prepare the book bags, I attached a name tag for each student to gallon-sized ziplock bags. You could use any bag, really, but this was simple, quick, and oh-so-easy (as all things must be in May, right?!?)