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FREEBIE: Editable Scavenger Hunt Checklist

Today, I am sharing a fun, fun freebie that I created for my own children to use before we went on one of the popular neighborhood "bear hunts" that are helping so many of us get out of the house but maintain a "safe distance" from contacting others. For this neighborhood, residents posted a variety of items - not just bears. We have been on several household scavenger hunts lately, but they were excited to venture out for this one!

My five-year-old is fond of lists lately (she is her mother's daughter, I'm afraid!) so she was in her element when I handed her this checklist to keep as we drove around the neighborhood. Her checklist features pictures of the items we needed to find.

However, for older children, you would probably want to be able to use words to describe items to find or tasks to complete. For that reason, I made two versions of this little checklist, so you can use the format that best fits your needs. Both versions are FREE and EDITABLE! You can access them here! You simply copy/paste images or type in the information for your scavenger hunt, print, and go!

Also, I wanted to remind you that today is the last day to take advantage of some great discounts on new products in the TallyTales TPT store! Be sure to check these out if you have missed them this week. The sale will end today, so go snag them while you can!

Happy Friday, everyone!!!

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