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LOVEly Instruction: Hands-on, Tactile Learning Experiences

Hello friends! Can you believe we have reached the last week of February already? March is coming at us fast.

In honor of our last week of February, I want to continue to share some instructional techniques that my students and I always enjoy so much! I incorporate multisensory teaching techniques as much as possible in my classroom, which means many of my activities are hands-on, particularly within small groups. I have two brief video clips to share with you today that feature tactile learning experiences I have found to be particularly effective. Spoiler alert: if you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen these before. I hope you will revisit them with me again here today, though!

I simply call this the “trace and erase” technique. You can use it to reinforce correct letter formation or to practice sight words! This provides a fun, but effective, tactile experience for our little learners! You only need a white board, marker, and fingertip!

You may be familiar with this next routine. I did not invent this one! 😉 In this video, we are using the “Wet, Dry, Try” technique (from Handwriting Without Tears) to reinforce letter formation and sound correspondence! This is another effective-but-fun technique that supports letter formation as well as phonics skills!

Tip: If you have a student that really struggles to make the letter-to-sound connection, have them omit the word "says" in this routine. Simply say "letter name" then "letter sound" throughout the process.

Okay, here's my last video to share today, and I have saved the best for last! I have no name for this... we can simply refer to it as a “Magical” Sight Word Strategy! I think it’s wonderful when we can create a learning experience that feels “magical” to our children! This video features my daughter, as she works on a new sight word. (She was 4 at the time!) She doesn’t know that this is a multisensory technique that will help store this sight word away for long-term memory retention, nor does she need to understand all that. She just thinks there’s magic in her fingertips... and what a way to learn!

This will wrap up my focus on "LOVEly Instruction" for this month. I sincerely hope you have found something you can take away from one of this month's posts!


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