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Tally Tales Literacy Services... Did you know?!?

Today, I want to highlight my favorite part of my work: the hands-on, interactive, daily services for students and teachers. That's right; teachers too! Many friends are aware that I offer specialized tutoring services, particularly for dyslexic learners, but did you know that I also offer professional development for teachers??? Read on to learn more about both!


When it comes to tutoring, my primary focus is to provide explicit, structured, multi-sensory instruction, customized to meet the the specific learning needs of each individual. I use a multisensory approach that aligns with Orton Gillingham methodology. While this is ideal for individuals who have been diagnosed with dyslexia, my services may be beneficial for struggling readers and writers who lack a specific diagnosis. Here's an overview of the general options I provide:

Professional Development

The other component of my services applies to some of my favorite people in the world: teachers! My primary goal is to help teachers become more knowledgable about the characteristics of dyslexia and ways they can help support dyslexic students in their classroom through instruction that aligns with structured literacy. I absolutely love working with fellow teachers to help them implement structured literacy practices into their daily instruction! When I visit schools and teachers, I address any (or all) of these topics:

You can learn more on the "Services" page of my web site! There, you will also find a contact form that you can use to let me know how I might help you, your child, or your school staff!


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