Teaching Decoding Skills for Multisyllable Words

I recently had some questions about the syllable bags my students create in our class. Today, I want to elaborate on this a bit.

I am Orton-Gillingham trained, so I follow OG methods for teaching syllable division and decoding for multisyllable words. It's a multi-step process through with students label vowels and consonants to detect patterns for syllable division.

We do this using highlighters, which my students love. You could easily use markers, but the highlighters are typically something different for them, and we all know how appealing that can make an activity for our students! We use one color to write the word and then a different color to mark letters and divide syllables.

When students are ready to divide, then draw a nice fat line from the top to the bottom of the paper, (I cut paper into skinny strips to use for the words.) fold on the line, and rip that word apart! They really enjoy this part. It's one thing to divide syllables --but to tear them? Pure joy.