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R-Controlled Syllables: aka "Bossy R"

R-controlled syllables (commonly referred to as "Bossy R") are difficult for all of my students, and I am constantly searching for new materials that may be helpful for them. That's what this product is all about... a few new ideas that may present a challenging skill in a fresh way. I wanted to share a few details here, and yes; I have a freebie available for you as well!

When introducing the concept of r-controlled syllables, I do identify him as "Bossy R" because he controls the vowels. However, I stress that he is still polite, because he lets the vowels go first - ar, er, ir, or, ur.

The most confusing syllables are er, ir, and ur, because they all make the same sound: /ir/. For those, I share several cartoon-like stories (which I usually draw by hand on the board each time) to help students distinguish some differences in the ways they are each used. I am particularly excited about this product because I have now created instructional posters to use so I won't have to redraw my little characters each time! :)

It's important to provide ample practice with syllables in isolation, so students become more fluent in identifying each syllable on sight. I have created drill cards for r-controlled syllables, and I've also included some multisensory techniques to enhance your drill with your students.

Another part I am REALLY excited about is a Bossy R blending flip chart, which I created using a 3-ring binder. It's super easy to assemble, and I provided the instructions for assembly as well as usage... along with over 40 color-coded cards for your blending flip chart!

Next, I included a sort activity, complete with pictures and words on each card. The product also includes a recording sheet as well as answer key, so you could easily use this as a center activity AND assessment piece for this skill!

Last, but not least, I included an explicit, but brief, explanation of -er and -or as suffixes. The product includes a rules poster for instruction and display, as well as an activity page that focuses on words with -er and -or as suffixes as well as the word meanings. Again, you could use this for an assessment piece if suffixes are a focus skill for your students at that time!

All of this is now available here in the Tally Tales TPT store. If you think any of these materials could be useful for you, go check it out!

However, if you could use a little Bossy R support, but you don't need all that, there's a freebie for you! You can find it here in the Tally Tales TPT store.

What do you think... Questions? Feedback? Let me know!


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