R-Controlled Syllables: aka "Bossy R"

R-controlled syllables (commonly referred to as "Bossy R") are difficult for all of my students, and I am constantly searching for new materials that may be helpful for them. That's what this product is all about... a few new ideas that may present a challenging skill in a fresh way. I wanted to share a few details here, and yes; I have a freebie available for you as well!

When introducing the concept of r-controlled syllables, I do identify him as "Bossy R" because he controls the vowels. However, I stress that he is still polite, because he lets the vowels go first - ar, er, ir, or, ur.

The most confusing syllables are er, ir, and ur, because they all make the same sound: /ir/. For those, I share several cartoon-like stories (which I usually draw by hand on the board each time) to help students distinguish some differences in the ways they are each used. I am particularly excited about this product because I have now created instructional posters to use so I won't have to redraw my little characters each time! :)

It's important to provide ample practice with syllables in isolation, so students become more fluent in identifying each syllable on sight. I have created drill cards for r-controlled syllables, and I've also included some multisensory techniques to enhance your drill with your students.

Another part I am REALLY excited about is a Bossy R blending flip chart, which I created using a 3-ring binder. It's super easy to assemble, and I provided the instructions for assembly as well as usage... along with over 40 color-coded cards for your blending flip chart!